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Cognitive Test Results

Disclaimer: This site contains opinions based upon personal (never professional) experience. Before making any decisions about your own care for dementia (or any other condition), please seek solutions with your own trusted and licensed medical, legal, financial, psychological, trade, and spiritual advisors.


At any age, it's past time to start thinking about brain health. Of course, the older we get is when things tend to fall apart so would like to offer personal opinion on things we may do to stay sharp.

The reason am thinking about this now is twofold:

  1. Am over fiddy

  2. Own cognitive scores aren't what I want

Before we delve, let's consider how to get a cognitive test and why you may want one (or not).

Step 1 (if having doubts). If not, go to Step 2:

The reason you may not take a cognitive test is that it's scary to find out when your brain heath is less than optimal for any reason. Are you prepared to know? If not, then it's ok to say NO or HELLMOUTH NO! Think deeply before commiting to such tests what this might mean to you, friends, and family. Some questions to ask are:

  1. If my scores are mediocre or poor, do I have adequate medical counseling to take cognitive preventative measures since dementia can be treatable if caught early enough (which will vary for each person)?

  2. Likewise, can I accept that no treatment may help if dementia progression is too far along?

  3. Will knowing the result cause depression or angst that will be challenging to overcome (either without, or preferably with, professional help)?

  4. Do I have a support system in place to help me: legal, medical, personal, financial, spiritual, etc.). If not, then consider this first because nothing we do is ever alone for dementia treatment or prevention.

  5. If there is no such provider or test near me, then am I willing to travel or seek virtual solutions? One such option may be Apollo Health which is the official website of Dale Bredesen, MD, and the ReCODE protocol to assist with Alz prevention or reversal if caught early enough (will vary by each person but never give up)! (also has online cognitive test for you or loved one)

6. Do I have the financial resources to proceed if insurance won't cover this test?

7. Which type of cognitive test do you need? A few examples always with medical supervision are: SLUMS, MoCA, or CNS Vital Signs (the latter being most detailed). These are not IQ tests. And yes, it's normal to be nervous when taking them. Consider practing "mindful acceptance" no matter the result. Also, help yourself to succeed by following the "HALT" method to delay the test if you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Be kind to yourself.


Step 2:

Own Philosophy for Why to Cognitive Test

Deep breath. Here goes. I am doing this under medical supervision with doctors who follow the Bredesen protocol. However, I recognize, rage, and lament that being a dementia slayer costs time and resources that not everyone can or will want to commit (as a "Slayerette", if new to the journey). Therefore, what to do?

More soon...


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