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Mom has Alz…or Not?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

The VasD is Our Bitca

Have a seat, y'all, cause am about to share some kooky truth straight outta Dementialand.

Yesterday, Mom and I visit her doctor who specializes in dementia therapy for a yearly fee that's worth every shiny and its weight in this blog.

We have no illusions that there is a cure for any dementia. Rather, since 2018, we've been placing our bets at going to a licensed physician that specializes in treating dementia based upon the latest scientific research, our own genome (DNA), and tailored supplements to help tweak any problem areas. One practical example for us all is Vitamin D. Most people don't get enough and you might as well be a vampire because sunshine alone will kill ya (if you're low). If you're too high then you can get kidney damage so best to get actual bloodwork done!

Anyhoo, the point is that when we went to the doctor yesterday for a routine visit, mom's (substitute) doctor suggested that she may want to start taking XYZ med with the impossible name. Immediately, Mom says: "Oh NO! I can't take that because it put me in the hospital [four years ago]," which was true as I saw her unable to start a sentence which is typically never a problem and even I didn't recognize this med or its name.

Immediately, the doctor said: "I know you don't have Alzheimer's because [if you did then] you never would have remembered that."

Us: Yay? Then what is it?

Dr: "You may have vascular dementia."

The doctor scrolls through Mom's genetic results and observes that her brain may have smaller structures (vesicles and more) to transport brain fluids that means she may not get enough oxygenation to her brain which can lead to multiple and often inperceptable mini-strokes as well as cell death due to lack of oxygen (hypoxia).

So...yeah, not good news's what we're gonna try.

TA DA!!!!!




It's a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at ATX Hyperbarics!

Actually, I will be "the First" [spoilers!] test subject to see how things go since the chamber looks like a coffin so ... ya know - approp!

For one hour - tomorrow - am going into the same medical-grade pressure chamber used to heal divers with a potentially deadly case of the Bends (from bending over with Lovecraftian gas bubbles in the lungs). This chamber helps to restore the body (slowly) to the appropriate air pressure after this balance gets bent.

Am a bit nervous since years ago have injured own eardrums while taking scuba lessons and coming up too fast. Ever since, have been unable to submerge in any water that's deeper than maybe 2-4 feet without excruciating pain in both eardrums but normally have no trouble.

Am kinda hoping this doesn't work as a one-time experiment because it's $200 an hour; or, we hear that you can buy a home inflatable chamber with much less pressure for around $6,000 in your own living room (

Either way, we won't afford any lifetime treatments but maybe the occasional spa sesh will help?

Disclaimer: This site contains opinions based upon personal (never professional) experience. Before making any decisions about your dementia care (or any other condition) for you or someone else, please seek solutions with your own trusted and licensed medical, legal, financial, psychological, trade, and spiritual advisors.


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