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Reverse Alzheimer's Summit! Free!

August 26-September 1, 2021 (online)

Now, we can all fight the Alzheimer's monster (without visiting Sunnydale)!


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"This summit will feature over 35 speakers on the topic of cognitive decline and include topics such as the role of mold, infections, nutrition, and of course genomics! I am the first speaker on Sunday, August 29, talking about how genomics can help untangle root causes of cognitive decline. This summit gives lots of great information about hidden contributing factors to dementia and how to improve cognition."
- Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, MD, FAAFP, AOIM, cofounder, Resilient Health Austin

Register here (FREE to attend all live sessions):

Optional: Or, pay $67 to get the on-demand videos from all presenters and watch whenevs.


Sarah Michelle Gellar as "Slayer, The" (Buffy Summers), 1997-2003


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