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Slay Covid-19 + Research!

What to do *immediately* if symptoms start (now with author citations from previous post)!

Image: Centers for Disease Control

Reminder: This site contains opinions based upon personal (not professional) experience. Before making any decisions about your own care, please discuss with your own trusted and licensed medical, legal, financial, psychological, trade, and spiritual advisors.

Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen from Resilient Health Austin has published this paper:

COVID: We can Prevent Hospitalizations and Save Lives from Information Already Published to help explain why Covid-19 cytokine storm has contributed to more than 4.2 million deaths worldwide (to date) as well as how to (hopefully) slay it before it starts!

Want to shout out Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen's method since it worked to help our loved one, Joyce*, 82, to reach full Covid-19 recovery within two weeks along with ongoing treatment (of course, results may vary). Joyce was especially vulnerable due to two serious previous bouts with pneumonia in her life.

*Sorry, not her real name.

Right now, as personal choice (even with the J&J vaccine), am staying socially distant as much as possible from everyone due to the ongoing variant spread due to increasing caseloads to include our state now at 2.7 million and counting (Texas).

The biggest concern am wrestling with are the ongoing variants (with new ones each week!) so please get vaxxed if you haven't already as it's still our best known way to avoid death from Covid-19 complications.

Above all, compassion and education (not anger) is the solution.


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