How to Slay Covid-19

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

One True (Cautionary) Tale to Full Recovery in Three Weeks


Stop the spread with masks, vaccines, and that's not all...


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We must slay Covid-19 as the US struggles to track virus variants.

Covid-19 Deaths (to date):

  • Worldwide: 2.9+ million

  • US: 560,000+

Covid-19 Vaccines (fully administered to date):

  • Worldwide: Approx. 3.7 billion (2.16% of approximately 8 billion)

  • US: 15,657,521 (21.14% of approximately 331 million)

Although there is no cure for Covid-19, I must shout from the rooftops what helped our 82-year-old loved one, Joyce* (not her real name) to recover in full within three weeks after her initial diagnosis.

Our family never would have known about this treatment except that Joyce and I are seeing these medical specialists to prevent Alzheimer's Disease with specific supplements tailored to our DNA results (never based on guesswork).

Here is what Joyce started taking as soon as she knew she had been exposed to Covid-19 by a friend at their Independent Living facility (for individuals aged 55 and up) as recommended by the outstanding and caring MD's at Resilient Health Austin:

Resilient Health Austin provides full-service medical care that focuses on DNA testing to give precise treatment for dementia prevention and other potential conditions revealed by these results.


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