Alas, poor Healthcare…

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The views and any inadvertent errors in this post are mine.

I am morose because I have the best medical care that insurance can buy; however, it’s not available to everyone today.

The specialist who took these scans and kindly went over the Shakespearean “all’s well” results in detail with me sitting by his side, asking questions and letting me take these photos with his permission from my cell phone is the same doctor whom everyone deserves and needs to rely upon. I will go further and say the same doctor whom everyone deserves (regardless their ability to pay) but I feel alone right now in this perspective. 

This week in healthcare, I have seen denials firsthand by medical professionals who will not accept “Obamacare” (aka Federal Health Reform or FHR, as I prefer to call it) because they are concerned they will not get paid enough through these plans. 

Am also speculating that it could be these other reasons, too, so, while you’re here, go ahead and light a playwright’s candle in my skull and say a prayer or meditation that it ain’t so but

  1. doctors are concerned that it’s too much administrative hassle; or, 

  2. doctors don’t support the reform because they don’t believe in losing money when some patients cannot afford to pay for treatment.

As a simple summary, the FHR means that someone without insurance; or, someone considered “high risk” due to past health or financial problems; can now go to the open market (aka “the exchange”) to buy an insurance plan that they can afford and can then use to go to a doctor on their plan list. Sounds reasonable and like every other insurance, right? 

The problem is: What happens when a doctor or specialist won’t take your FHR coverage? If you say, “Well, I’ll just go to someone else,” please beware like a soothsayer. If there is a doctor you want to see, then please ask them first before assuming they will accept your FHR-plan coverage because they may not (even if it’s through a major insurance carrier). 

As we know, there are many unscrupulous people in the world and doctors are not immune; plus, you can imagine if most outstanding doctors refuse to take FHR plans, then the rest will chum the dregs. Case in point: Before you go to the doctor in Texas, please check on your chosen professional with the Texas Medical Board. It’s not a guarantee but it may help to reveal any potential predators.

Unless there is additional reform to a single-payer system, we will all need insurance as our country continues to rely upon a system already biased against people who cannot afford to pay for the best treatment (even with insurance); and have also been reading a lot more “boutique” doctors who no longer accept insurance at all and prefer private pay.

The ideal plan needs to peddle compassion and profit; or, to mimic the bard: I view your skull for the who I shall be.


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